În cadrul proiectului Erasmus+ KA2 Let’s Shape our Future Together, CNPR realizează selecția a 6 elevi + 2 rezerve, din rândul elevilor claselor a IX-a, a X-a și a XI-a, în vederea participării la mobilitatea din Germania, în perioada 6 – 12.10.2019. Limba oficială a proiectului este Limba engleză. Cunoașterea limbii germane constituie un avantaj.

Candidaturile se vor depune la secretariatul colegiului până marți, 24.09.2019, ora 16. Pentru aceasta elevii vor descărca fișa de selecție de mai jos, o vor completa și vor atașa documentele doveditoare.

Tema și cerințele proiectului, necesare a fi îndeplinite în această mobilitate sunt sintetizate în textul de mai jos:

Before coming to Tübingen, the students will be asked to prepare their ideas, their visions of future life in the city. They will have to express their expectations towards different dimensions of daily life in their city. Tübingen is a young city with a very active development of urban life. During the last years the construction of new districts in the city (French district, Loretto, the area of the old city station, Egeria) has increased a lot. We will have many examples to explore and make the students aware of several points of view. We will focus on questions like: How many projects are involved in development of future life? How should the construction be achieved? Will there be enough place and space for the inhabitants (use a common garden, common rooms in the houses, how does a passive house work? What about the space for the cars (sharing cars (Teilauto), bicycles)? Are there activities planned in the new districts (playing boule, meetings of the neighbours …). Are there activities for young or older people? What about the transport in the city?

During the meeting we will try to get in touch with research projects, such as the local institute of artificial intelligence (Max Planck Institut). Vision for the future means also integration of foreign people and means of transport with new energies avoiding the CO2 emissions. During workshops, they will present, exchange and discuss the possible ways and forms of future projects.

In the second part we expect the participants to create and build their own city vision with models. The results will represent the basis for the articles in a common magazine as a visual element, showing different aspects. They could complete their visions with posters, pictures, descriptions. During this and the following meetings we will describe our activities in different chapters of a common magazine.

How is it going to be related to or integrated with the normal activities of the involved schools?

All the activities carried out during the meeting will require former preparation by all the participating schools during different lessons, such as: art, social science, geography and language lessons. The above mentioned activities will be integrated in the school curriculum in each partner school.


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